to cohesive design

Our design process is established on the foundation of what we call “Co-Creation.” This is our unique approach to design to engage you and your community early at the Visioning Phase to create excitement and acceptance of the project. After all, we’re designing a facility that will be at the center of the community and train our future leaders.


to cohesive design

Our design process is established on the foundation of what we call “Co-Creation.”


Hollis + Miller Architects is 100% committed to learning environment design.This means that we are specialists in the unique design process these spaces require, and we understand that a cohesive design relies on collaboration and communication between all on the design team. We see our job as one of the coach and champion – keeping everyone focused on the client’s vision for their students’ success. 

Education is transforming before our very eyes, and flexibility and adaptability will be paramount in creating environments that can support an ever-evolving approach to creating future-ready learners. We work with a research-based mindset, striving to know more about how the brain develops and operates and how learners respond to the context of space, curriculum, and fellow students. As we co-create space for learning, we’re focused on the whole person, allowing for consideration of important factors such as social and emotional support, a strong learning culture, and shifting generational needs. We believe so strongly in the importance of an integration of space and learning that we’ve dedicated a portion of our team to be a research-based resource for our clients as we work to create dynamic, interactive learning environments.


We engage all members of the design team starting at project initiation because we believe that a learning environment is shaped by more than walls and floors. It’s the interior design, environmental graphics, engineering and architecture all coming together to create a space that engages and nurtures the learner. Because of this, we integrate our studios so interior designers, graphic designers, architects, and structural engineers are all sitting and working together. We expand this by engaging our consultants early on to ensure a cohesive design.

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Hollis + Miller is a true advocate for giving back to the communities we live and work in everyday, and the Hollis + Miller Foundation is one initiative that really supports this core value. The foundation focuses on how we can best impact our community in a positive way beyond our daily jobs. The Foundation’s goal is to not only make an difference by giving opportunities through monetary contribution, but to also promote opportunities of giving back through time and service to others.



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