Learning Happens Everywhere

Cultural Learning

Cultural Learning

Literature, art, music, history; these passions don’t end with a diploma. The environments that house these disciplines require thoughtful design.

Community Learning

Community Learning

Spaces that provide opportunities for gathering, socializing, and continuing education foster a sense of community and a passion for learning.

Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Whether a trade school, continuing education program, or training center, adult education facilities encourage lifelong learning.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Providing a change of pace from the traditional classroom setting. Stimulating senses, improving engagement, and increasing retention.

Our Thoughts

We are reimagining and expanding the idea of a learning environment.

  • Community leaders really need to be embracing change. We have to evolve, and we have to get better. As I think about working with the community leaders in Springfield, Hollis + Miller does that. They are embracing the need to improve and try new things in order to serve kids best.

    John Jungmann, Superintendent Springfield Public Schools
  • The thing I probably appreciated the most is giving our children a voice in what their school was going to look like and really focusing in on the idea that we aren't building these schools for adults; they're built for kids. And they came to the table to do the right thing for the right reasons on behalf of the kids in this community, and they were sincere in their effort. I will forever be grateful for everything they've done for us and very appreciative of the relationship and look forward to working with them in the future.

    CJ Huff, Former Superintendent Joplin School District
  • The Lansing High School was my first time to work with Hollis + Miller or any architect on any project this size. They were very collaborative in terms of the way they work. They would take an idea, help us pull the broad range of ideas and pull then them back together to a common point to where they made sense and helped clarify our big-picture thinking.

    Randall Bagby, Former Superintendent Lansing USD #469
  • The team at Hollis + Miller seamlessly collaborates with our design team, the process is organic and creative, the communication is effortless and synergistic, facilitating a design process that exceeds our individual efforts resulting in concepts that are astounding and innovative. We are extremely happy to work in harmony and synergy with the people at Hollis + Miller to design schools that are fun, engaging spaces where learners have the freedom to take ownership of their educational experience and are Free to Think. Inspired to Lead.

    Elaine Williamson, iLead Charter Schools iLead Charter Schools
  • Frankly, we went to Hollis + Miller because we didn't want to reinvent the wheel and we didn't want to educate somebody about schools. They knew how to ask the right questions, and the right questions to ask; and that was very valuable.

    Barnett Helzberg, Jr. Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Foundation University Academy Charter School
  • Problem solving and learning how different people work, think, and function, drives me to find the best solution for each individual end user.

    Jenny Lake Interiors
  • Our cultural projects provide the opportunity to reach so many different segments of society. It’s a pleasure to work everyday creating exciting life-long learning environments.

    Jeff Schutzler Client Leader
  • The Hollis + Miller team delivers. They're on-time, they have expertise, they meet deadlines, they will listen to what you want, and when you finish…the product will be what you expected, and better than what you expected – really what you were hoping for and dreaming for.

    Dr. Kathy O'Hara, Superintendent Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
  • My passion for interiors is driven by the end user and how they live and interact in their environment. I love creating spaces that positively impact the users' daily lives.

    Kate Moeder Interiors
  • The best part is transforming the client's vision from a concept, and working to make it into a reality.

    Stephanie Keeton Interiors


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