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Stacie Sikora

Stacie is addicted to biographies, documentaries and anything by Malcolm Gladwell. She once, as a child, checked out the same video about polar bears so many times from the school library that her mom banned it. So, she had her sister check it out. This love of learning and information gathering makes her a perfect fit for Hollis + Miller’s marketing team as a CRM Analyst, managing a large database of stats and stories. Stacie’s love of storytelling comes in handy, as she has the privilege of writing and sharing our educational partners’ success stories. She finds great joy and purpose in the work Hollis + Miller’s architects, designers and engineers do for learners and loves being a small part of it.

Stacie, who recently adopted a Cowboy Corgi named Elsie, spends her time chasing her puppy around trying to convince her to chew on toys, not shoes. In the rare moments Elsie naps, you can find Stacie with her nose in a book.

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