Colorado Military Academy

military academy
Colorado Military Academy

Colorado Military Academy


  • Phase 1: 44,000 SF
  • Total Building Size: 88,000 SF
  • Master Plan new addition: 48,000 SF
  • $3.2 million

Cadets cannot tell their collaborative environment is housed in a former office building. Perfectly positioned among the surrounding five military installations, cadets receive a one-of-a-kind STEM education focused on leadership and integrity.

Collaboration and break-out zones are integrated together throughout the school to allow teachers to expand learning outside of the traditional classroom. Learners can explore new ideas and work on projects in various group sizes. This design helps the Academy to push its vision further to encourage cadets to think globally.

The Academy currently supports grades kindergarten through eighth and will continue to grow by a grade level each year to 12th grade.

Woodrow Wilson Academy

Woodrow Wilson Academy


  • Renovation & Additions
  • 13,500 SF
  • $4.5 million

Middle school students feel like they have their own space to learn and grow separate from the elementary school students. Their new space supports expanded student collaboration and project-based learning.

Students can collaborate in the new classrooms with glass walls that provide ample daylight and open up to accommodate large and small-groups, including to the outdoors, encouraging classes to spill outside for learning and experimenting. This flexibility continues into the new dining commons, which features a variety of seating options, giving students more freedom.

Colorado SKIES Academy



  • Centennial, Colorado
  • New Construction
  • 28,000 SF
  • $7 million

The STEM curriculum and project-based learning will introduce young students to aviation early on.

Colorado Skies Academy is a new Charter School for grades 6–8 and will be located at the Centennial Airport. The one-story, 22,300-square-foot facility will also be affiliated with the adjacent Wings Over the Rockies Exploration of Flight Museum housing vintage military aircraft and traveling exhibits.

The project-based learning/STEM curriculum will be flight-based, teaching students many different facets of aviation from the science and art of flight to airport operations. The Spread Your Wings program will fly in teachers to Colorado’s front range for exposure to the program and as professional development and, in turn, introduce elementary students to Colorado Skies Academy. Completion date is set for the Fall of 2020.