Our Space

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We know, through our work with learning environments, that the spaces we occupy play a significant role in how we grow. This same design philosophy is present in our cultural home. Located in the heart of the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, MO we are surrounded by creative and vibrant cultural practices that naturally offer an extension to the architectural practice we represent.

Locating in an established historic structure presented challenges, especially as we needed to occupy three floors of the building. In order to support a collaborative, open environment, the center floor-plate was opened to house a connected large open stairway which offers integrated access. This staircase allows light and sound to flow through all three levels. The middle floor entry level is designed to allow the stair to extend into a multi-purpose seating/stage area; serving as an extension when hosting design charrettes, listening to educational lectures or enjoying social exchanges together. A surround-sound system and 30-foot mixed media display wall emphasizes visual awareness and contains accessibility to varied communications. Working, learning and living together in collaborative, open spaces bring a sense of unity and understanding to support our progressive team.

Our space is designed as an instrument that not only encourages an inspirational and purposeful work product, but serve as a resource to our community; a space for all brains to work, be inspired, rejuvenate and play. We believe our people, our families and our friends are the incentive to enjoyment and success in what we do. Our space reflects who we are and how we work. Design features deliberately encourage people to move within the space and interact with others. Flexible arrangements encourage people to locate in multiple places. This freedom of movement strengthens autonomy and choice.

A rejuvenation space provides mobile banquet style seating, a large functional island-style countertop where well-hidden recyclable materials can be collected, and a variety of team building game features. Technology screens share daily world news and internal announcements for everyone to see. We eat, talk, relax and enjoy quality time together in this interactive space.


Throughout there are focus rooms, unique and casual collaborative meeting spaces, as well as traditional conference rooms, all equipped with technology that ties to every work station. A change of scenery often helps spark inspiration, there are a variety of spaces to choose from.

This comforting, yet purposeful design is heightened by a continual 360-degree view of the stunning Kansas City skyline. With such magnificent views of all the major downtown landmarks, everyone who enters the space is visually connected to our culture, our city and our community.