Creating a Cohesive Learning Environment

Summit Ridge Middle School Addition

The school administration and community are thrilled to see a cohesive blending of new and old design styles and learning environment models in its new addition.

With Jeffco Public Schools’ initiative to transition sixth grade into middle school, Summit Ridge needed more space, but more importantly, the school’s administrators and teachers wanted to incorporate collaborative learning in a way that every Summit Ridge student could benefit.

A two-story learning stair and destination collaboration spaces, including tables, soft seating and integrated technology for break-out sessions and impromptu learning give everyone at Summit Ridge a chance for small and large group learning, as well as one-on-one.

The school formed a Design Advisory Group made up of parents, teachers, community members and students to work with our team on creating an addition that was cohesive with the rest of the school, inside and out.

It was essential to the advisory group that the addition didn’t look like an appendage to the rest of the school but feel like it had always been there. This started with the exterior design, featuring the original finishes extended from the existing building through the addition, creating a seamless look. The interior finishes and features honor the existing spaces while giving a modern look and feel.

Summit Ridge’s addition is currently under construction and will be open in time for the new school year next fall.


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