Meet Our Summer Emerging Professionals

Our spring and summer emerging professionals have had quite the interesting semester with Hollis + Miller. As they have taken the lead on designing this year’s Learnscape, they have had to overcome a global pandemic, leading a design-build team from home and learning more about the student body they are designing an outdoor classroom for, just to name a few!

While their experience has looked a little different than past years, we are so proud of how they have risen to the occasion in the toughest of times.


Siddarth Jambunathan

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

When I started as an Emerging Professional in January, my first impression of Hollis + Miller was how nice and helpful everyone was. No matter how many questions I had or what kind of help I needed, members of my team or other people around the office were always willing and able to assist me. I was glad to see that everyone really enjoyed the work they were doing and how they were all able to have fun in the office. My favorite part about working at Hollis and Miller (before working from home) was the day to day conversations I got to have with different people in the office. Whether they were with people that I knew who had graduated from K-State or people I had just met and was getting to know, it was nice forming a sense of community with everyone. I also enjoyed the amount of responsibility and how integral the Emerging Professionals’ role was in projects, particularly Learnscape. My goals after the conclusion of my internship are to graduate with my Master’s degree (hopefully in an in-person ceremony) and pursue architecture as a life-long career.


Kelsie DeWitt

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

My first impression of Hollis + Miller was how friendly and helpful everyone was. From the start, I had multiple people come over and introduce themselves and welcome me to the office. The team I was placed on was great at answering all my questions and making me feel like I was an important member. My favorite part about working at Hollis and Miller has been getting to see how excited the teachers and staff get about the projects. I have loved hearing and seeing their ideas start to shape how we design the spaces for them. My future goals are to graduate with my Master’s degree in Architecture and start my career at a firm within the Kansas City area. I have loved having the opportunity to live in Kansas City and look forward to hopefully moving back in a year. My advice to future Emerging Professionals is to not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone at Hollis + Miller is willing to take the extra time to help you learn and grow within the profession. Also, do not be afraid to speak up and say something about a project. Everyone’s opinions matter and sometimes that idea or question can help to spark the next design decision.


Philip Swoboda

Pursuing a Structural Engineering Degree, University of Missouri-Columbia

My first impression of Hollis + Miller was just how welcoming everyone was. The entire team was always willing to make time to answer any question that I had (no matter how obvious the answer probably was). My favorite part of working here for the summer was being a part of the team that collaborated to design Learnscape. It was wonderful experience for me, as an engineer, to work with a group of architects and try to find solutions to all the problems that arose. We also had the opportunity to work with the district and educational staff to gather input. It has been so rewarding to gain real world experience in a  firm that is so dedicated to the bettering of students and communities.


Ashley Tubach

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture ,  University of Kansas

I am going into my fifth and final year of the Master of Architecture program at KU. I will graduate this spring and hope to move to Colorado with my fiancé and our dog, and start my life as an architect! Working on this year’s Learnscape as an Emerging Professional at Hollis + Miller has been an amazing opportunity and learning experience for me. There are things that I would never have had the possibility to do in a classroom that I have been able to work on firsthand in the office and working from home.


Alias Martinez

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design, Kansas State University

Everyone at Hollis + Miller is so welcoming to new ideas and so helpful in leading us to become educated professionals. It was quite an adjustment to be leading our first project team while working from home, but we found innovative solutions to the problems that came up. I have had such valuable experiences throughout my time at Hollis + Miller, and I’m sad that it is coming to an end as
summer ends.


Lauren Bennett

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Arizona State University

I love that Emerging Professionals get to do meaningful work at Hollis + Miller. I don’t know that interns at any other firms that can say they have regular face time with partners, or that feel as though their voice matters at the charette table. Being able to collaborate with people in different areas has made me a better designer and I look forward to the things I will learn from other members of the firm every day.

It has been so rewarding to see photos of Learnscape 2019 and to attend the ribbon cutting after working with the rest of the Emerging Professionals last summer to design an environment with purpose. I am so excited to have the same opportunity this summer to design and construct another special learning environment.

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