Our Spring Emerging Professionals

Our emerging professionals aren’t on coffee runs or organizing the materials library! They’ve been busy designing an outdoor classroom, collaborating with our studio teams and integrating into our project work.

While two will depart our office for summer study abroad trips, the other two will stay for the duration of the summer! We asked them to share their experiences with us.


Karsen Odle

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design, Kansas State University

I can’t believe my first day at Hollis + Miller was over three months ago; I was so nervous that I could not eat Friday Breakfast. To my surprise, those nerves quickly faded, and I was immediately welcomed into the HMA Family. By the next week, I felt completely at home. I am filled with joy and gratitude that I was chosen to be one of the four interns for the spring semester. This experience has been life changing and has allowed me to grow in ways I did not think possible in four short months.

I am already saddened by the thought of having to leave everyone and missing out on the opportunity to connect with people in the office that I have not gotten to know yet. I will always be thankful to Hollis + Miller for this experience and also providing me a daily view of the KC skyline that you can’t get anywhere else!


Madison Armbruster

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture and Product Design, Kansas State University

I realized how unique the internship opportunity at Hollis + Miller was from my first interview. Touring the office, I was impressed by the multitude of groups collaborating together, and of course, was wowed by the rooftop view. As I observed, I found myself picturing what it would be like to work with these individuals, and the impact it could potentially have on me. Walking in on my first day, I knew it would be a big one.

In my short time at Hollis + Miller, I’ve been fully immersed in the culture and values of the firm.  I’ve experienced a wide range of projects and opportunities that have challenged my design thinking and helped me understand what my career could be. The impact of my experience here has helped me grow as a designer.

From chats with my mentor to office happy hours, I have enjoyed getting to know the people that make up the HMA Family. My time here has gone by too quickly, and I can’t express enough gratitude for this opportunity!


Marilina Bedros,

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

Whoever said that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ was absolutely right!

Working at Hollis + Miller has been a daily reminder of why I chose to pursue a career in architecture. Every day, I feel purpose in what I am doing. I am always given the opportunity to express my ideas and be heard.

While working at Hollis + Miller, I have learned more than just architecture, I have learned how to become a leader. To me, one of the most valuable lessons is the importance of empowering people to succeed and be empathetic. Early on in my internship, the emerging professionals were assigned a group of high school students to mentor for a couple of weeks. Inspiring younger students and watching them learn and grow was very rewarding.

What I love the most about this firm, is that I always feel valued and am constantly challenged to become a better designer.

*Marilina will be staying through the summer! We know there are more great things to come from her!


Ahmed Akacha

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

It seems like just yesterday I walked into the office on my first day, greeted by Michael Patrick, who gave me a tour and quickly assigned me my first tasks as a member of the design team. This set the tone for what the next four months would look like for me; everyone always willing to help me and consider me as an integral part of the team.

While being an emerging professional, I’ve worked closely with multiple teams on the different aspects of the design process. I’ve had a wide range of experiences to look back on; from working with the higher education studio on a façade design for a residential hall to collaborating with the resource team on smarter ways to document building information. I’ve had the opportunity to work on tasks I didn’t even consider myself qualified for.

As an architecture student, I learn best from hands-on experience, and collaborating with other professionals has helped me grow as a designer. Not to mention, the best part of my experience has been working with three other lovely interns, who continually push me to produce the best work I can, and never hold back when I need criticism.
So far, Hollis + Miller has been an incredible experience for me, and I cannot wait for the summer ahead.

*We’re happy to say Ahmed will also be sticking around for the summer, and we’re excited to see what these next few months hold for him!

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