Sunshine Elementary School


  • Springfield Public Schools
  • Renovation and Addition
  • 59,000 SF

As one of the oldest elementary schools in the area, it was important to the community to maintain the historic integrity of the building while updating the school to modern educational standards.

The incorporation of the building’s original fireplace served as inspiration for the project’s overall concept of a warm and cozy gathering place. Seamlessly blending old and new, the school retained its most charming features, while remaining flexible to support the development of future-ready skills, as well as collaboration and inclusivity.

A new gabled canopy at the front entry inspires a feeling of home, while also providing more robust security and safety measures. An enclosed courtyard dubbed “The Hive” houses art and makerspaces, as well as several collaboration areas and reading nooks, while purposeful wayfinding guides students and visitors through each neighborhood. Additionally, the gym serves as a storm shelter for the school and the surrounding community.

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