• Park Hill School District
  • Russell Jones Education Center

The Russell Jones Education Center offers educational programs to identified special education students from kindergarten through twelfth grade who have emotional and behavioral concerns. The learning approach targets specific skill deficits using data-based decision making.

Working with Park Hill School District and Russell Jones staff, Hollis + Miller Emerging Professionals designed and built an outdoor learning space at the school supporting recreational therapy, sensory development and recovery time. The Learnscape is nestled in the back of the school surrounded by a wooded walking trail connecting students to nature. The three nodes focus on individual and collaborative learning, spatial barriers, sensory development, topography and open play. Node one features a white board and gathering space to bring students together with varied seating, while node two includes a wobble bridge for students to explore and focus on balance. Node three is a sensory area including a sound wall activating nature’s sounds and allowing for play, and also has tools for deconstructive therapy allowing students to recreate and rebuild.

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