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Guadalupe Centers

Truman Road Campus

  • Guadalupe Centers Library and Academic Building
  • Renovation & Addition
  • 11,200 SF
  • $2.6 million

As a hub in the Latino communities of Kansas City, the Guadalupe Centers’ elementary and library renovations allow the program to efficiently serve more individuals for years to come.

As a non-profit organization initiated over 100 years ago, the Guadalupe Centers aims to improve the quality of life for individuals in the Latino communities of the Greater Kansas City area. What originally began as an educational center has blossomed into a program supporting youth development, preparing members for entering the workforce, offering housing for long-term international visitors, youth recreation, family support services, culture enrichment and so much more.

As part of a long-term planning effort with Hollis Miller, the first project in the master plan was a renovation of an aging library building into a flexible educational space to better adapt to the program’s growth. Built in 1948, the existing building did not maximize space efficiently and required updates to better serve its patrons. The design team was able to give the space a new look and feel while maintaining a connection to the existing history and culture. A strategically placed stairwell addition integrates the existing exterior windows and provides the perfect opportunity for future additions on the site, maximizing dollars and time spent on future designs. Every room in the building can be transformed to serve students or the community, dependent upon the need. Future projects will include an updated on-campus housing facility for teaching staff and building additions for classroom needs.