Blue Springs School District Wildcat Aquatics Center

Wildcat Aquatics Center


  • Blue Springs School District
  • New Construction

Swim and dive teams at Blue Springs High School now have a state-of-the-art facility to call their home base.

The new building is right down the road from the high school and cohesively branded, exuding school pride with purple and gold accents. Spectators have a birds-eye view over the pool, as athletes line up on the starting blocks for competition meets or practices. The entire space is filled with daylighting and the standard overhead fluorescent lights are elevated through custom metal screens punched through with the wave emblem. A subtle wave pattern was strategically designed as part of the exterior brick wall, greeting visitors and establishing a sense of place. Pickleball and tennis courts are found right outside of the aquatics center, encouraging community use after-hours.

Grain Valley Leadership Center

Designed for additional growth of the team, the new Leadership Center features a large community board room that can be secured from the rest of the building, modern conference rooms and open-concept offices.

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Englewood Schools Administrative Building

Thoughtful collaboration added central security, server rooms, additional offices and a secure vestibule, all while remaining in the existing footprint of the building. Interior updates helped the new aesthetic look of the main spaces inside give off a modern feel while preserving the history of the building.

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Cass Career Center


  • Harrisonville School District
  • Renovation & Addition
  • $5.1 million
  • 41,000 SF

Cass Career Center’s newly refreshed interior and exterior provide a modern, inviting look, welcoming students and offering room for program expansion.

Hands-on career training and opportunities for students to participate in college-level courses are more in-demand than ever and the newly renovated Cass Career Center offers a variety of programs available to both students and the community. The existing building was in need of a secure entry, an updated aesthetic and space for up-to-date programs and equipment. An addition allowed for an expanded nursing program to accommodate more students, while updates to the fire sciences, welding, agriculture, horticulture and EMT programs allowed for new equipment and room for program activities.

Blue Valley School District Logistics Center

Blue Valley School District Logistics Center


  • Blue Valley School District
  • New Construction
  •  51,000 SF
  • $13.6 million

Collaborative long-term planning resulted in the new District Logistics Center, increasing operational efficiency and streamlining resources. 

Designed with the overall goal of enhancing operational efficiency and consolidating resources, the spacious new Logistics Center is now home to some of the district’s most essential operations. Previously located in separate buildings, the industrial print shop, laptop care, and loading dock with a three-story warehouse space are now under one roof. As one piece of a bundle of bond projects for the district, the streamlined efficiency allows for more dollars to be allocated towards learning and student-focused efforts. The print shop allows the district to bring all types of projects in-house, from small print jobs for student worksheets, to large metal signage for school buildings. The site was selected with growth in mind, designed to easily accommodate additions for future expansion and new programs. 


Patton Junior High School


  • Fort Leavenworth School District
  • Renovation & Addition
  • 140,000 SF
  • $44 million

Previously a historic elementary school, the newly renovated junior high offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs for 6th through 9th grades on base at Fort Leavenworth.

Designed with a strong concept of community, history and tradition, Patton Junior High now boasts flexible learning spaces for students. The transformative years between 6th and 9th grade can be difficult, especially with the added stress of moving cities. Over 50% of Patton students are only able to spend one school year on base, so the district worked diligently to co-create a building that would instill excitement in students, leaving a lasting impact on families.

The central media center, open courtyard and commons serve as the heart of the building. Two new auxiliary gyms, and programs such as industrial technology, culinary arts, a greenhouse and more provide students with competitive opportunities, laying the groundwork for high school and further education. Historical graphics lining the grand entry hall tell the compelling story behind the school’s namesake.

Maplewood Elementary School

Bright colors, wood tones and the maple leaf are just a few nods to the school pride that runs deep through generations of students that attended Maplewood Elementary School.

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