Patton Junior High School


  • Fort Leavenworth School District
  • Renovation & Addition
  • 108,000 SF
  • $43.3 million

Previously a historic elementary school, the newly renovated junior high offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs for 6th through 9th grades on base at Fort Leavenworth.

Designed with a strong concept of community, history and tradition, Patton Junior High now boasts flexible learning spaces for students. The transformative years between 6th and 9th grade can be difficult, especially with the added stress of moving cities. Over 50% of Patton students are only able to spend one school year on base, so the district worked diligently to co-create a building that would instill excitement in students, leaving a lasting impact on families.

The central media center, open courtyard and commons serve as the heart of the building. Two new auxiliary gyms, and programs such as industrial technology, culinary arts, a greenhouse and more provide students with competitive opportunities, laying the groundwork for high school and further education. Historical graphics lining the grand entry hall tell the compelling story behind the school’s namesake.

Maplewood Elementary School

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Sunshine Elementary School

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Learnscape-Park Hill School District

The Russell Jones Education Center offers educational programs to identified special education students from kindergarten through twelfth grade who have emotional and behavioral concerns. The learning approach targets specific skill deficits using data-based decision making.

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Staley High School

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