Indian Creek Elementary School


  • Center School District
  • New Construction
  • 58,000 SF
  • $19.7 million

The brand-new Indian Creek Elementary replaces an existing building that had endured for decades and instilled pride in many community members.

While sad to see the dated building go, a sense of excitement began to grow around the new elementary building that would better fit the needs of all students and support a variety of teaching methods. The new learning environment is home to students K-5th grade, designed to represent and celebrate the heritages of the diverse student population. The media center at the heart of the building emphasizes the focus on literacy while serving as a gathering hub. Operable walls securely connect the district’s board room to the media center. An amenity not typically found in a primary school, the flexible board room can be used for a variety of functions and spill over into the media center when needed. An outdoor classroom on the second level gives students a birds-eye view, and an outdoor garden with multiple beds is accessible to all, leading to natural learning opportunities everywhere.

Excel Academy Charter School

Excel Academy Charter School


  •  Addition & Renovation
  • 7,000 SF
  • $3.3 million

The new addition to Excel Academy brings middle-school aged students a space to call their own while remaining connected to the rest of the student body.

As the program and student population continued to grow, Excel Academy Charter School recognized the need for an increased capacity and flexible spaces. As a building hosting K-8 students, the new addition would soon offer a place for middle school aged students to call their own and mark the milestone of transitioning into another phase of student life while also creating an environment where students of all ages and experiences can come together to learn on a daily basis. The new addition seamlessly blends with the existing building on the exterior, and subtly incorporates the school colors throughout the interior while updating the look and feel. Daylight fills the new learning spaces, including the two-story entry that brings natural lighting into the existing walled in rooms.

Liberty High School

As a pinnacle in the community, Carl B Bruce Middle School provides the student population with a secure, comfortable learning environment.

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Southeast Missouri State University – Houck Stadium

Southeast Missouri State University
Houck Stadium


  • Houck Stadium
  • Renovation
  • 65,000-100,000 SF
  • $20-26 million

The stadium’s natural site is located within an existing quarry and will create a unique environment for many future student, community and athletic events.

Hollis + Miller was tasked with redesigning a new 10,000-seat stadium for Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) to transform its 91-year-old existing stadium into a new front porch for Redhawk athletics and SEMO’s campus. Focusing on the player, fan and recruiting experience was key to help form a new identity and provide a multi-phase, multi-use development revitalizing the gateway connecting the University and downtown Cape Girardeau.

As one of the largest, most ambitious construction projects in the university’s nearly 150-year history, the project will transform SEMO’s stadium into a vibrant multi-use complex spanning nearly 10-acres. The facility will provide more than 175,000 square feet of flexible, high-capacity, and modern space to house academic programs, provide space for experiential learning activities supported by public-private partnerships, create venues for economic and community events, and renovate space for athletic competitions (University, high school and community).

The project is the result of the University’s desire to create an integrated, hybrid facility focusing on SEMO students, faculty, and staff – academically, personally, and professionally – designed to serve visitors and members of the community. Located within an existing quarry, our team seized the opportunity to expose the natural qualities of the rock to create a unique environment for fans to gather and engage, creating memorable experiences tailored to individual needs.

Liggett Trail Early Education Center

Liggett Trail Early Education Center


  • Blue Springs School District
  • Renovation and Addition
  • $7.5 million
  • 19,800 SF

Colorful graphics and an interactive playground at Liggett Trail Early Education Center connect students with the natural environment while providing a safe, nurturing home for young learners.

At the end of a meandering drive surrounded by trees and greenery, the addition to Liggett Trail Early Education Center blends seamlessly with the existing building and fosters curiosity, learning and joy. Natural daylighting fills every inch of the space, accentuated by environmental graphics depicting the four seasons and various climates for students to explore throughout the winding corridors. Young minds are immersed in colorful, intentional learning spaces serving functional purposes. The new classrooms each boast a dishwasher, diaper changing station and shared accessible restrooms, all necessities to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for the tiniest of learners.

Compass Montessori School


  • Wheat Ridge, Colorado
  • Addition & Renovation
  • 6,200 SF
  • $1.7 million

The impressive compass sculpture hanging from the exposed ceiling of the main corridor serves as a node, providing an interesting gathering space and guiding students to their new “home”, or learning environment.

The Wheat Ridge building of Compass Montessori Schools was previously utilized as a community farmer’s market building, leading to values deeply rooted in the Montessori method and a responsibility for every individual to learn self-sufficient skills. The family culture integrated into curriculum also shines through design of the new addition and renovation, with nods to agriculture through selection of materials and finishes. Large, flexible collaboration areas serve as gathering spaces and corridors all in one. Small group breakout spaces designed to mimic farmer’s market stalls allow for one-on-one instruction or personal reflection.

Metropolitan Community College-Advanced Technical Skills Institute

Metropolitan Community College
Advanced Technical Skills Institute


  • Kansas City, MO.
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • $16 million
  • 101,000 SF

Metropolitan Community College made the decision to relocate their programs from the existing Business & Technology campus to a location closer to the city and community, providing better visibility and access. Goals of moving into the former publishing house building included enhanced synergies between programs, access to public transit and new amenities supporting higher learning to prepare students fro the workforce. 

Programs such as building maintenance, welding, HVAC, Industrial Technology and Computer Integrated Machining and Manufacturing allow the development of career skills and hands-on learning. The design team was tasked with adapting the current space into innovative makerspaces, classrooms, labs and more, connected by a central spine for socialization, while also developing the building itself as a learning tool. Flexibility was key, as spaces are used by both students and the community, encouraging local business partnerships and real-world opportunities for students.

Scheduled for completion January 2022

In conjunction with Cuningham Group.