Hopewell Elementary School



  • Park Hill School District
  • New Construction
  • 73,000 SF
  • $18.1 million

Indoor and outdoor exploration are encouraged through colorful environmental graphics, reinforced by nature.

Positioned atop a hill and nestled within trees, Park Hill School District’s new Hopewell Elementary is a sanctuary for discovery. 600 students, grades K-5, have the opportunity to use every square foot inside and out of the building for learning. Traditional hallways have been molded with flexible collaboration spaces to maximize flexibility and efficiency. Every core classroom has their own glass garage door, allowing teachers the opportunity to open into collaboration and project spaces. The art room looks out upon a patio facing the tree line, inspiring creativity in students and spilling natural light into the learning environment. The durable materials used on the exterior of the building will withstand the elements and provide a timeless look for generations of students to come in the future.

Guadalupe Centers

As a hub in the Latino communities of Kansas City, the Guadalupe Centers’ elementary and library renovations will allow the program to efficiently serve more individuals for years to come.

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Indian Creek Elementary School


  • Center School District
  • New Construction
  • 58,000 SF
  • $19.7 million

The brand-new Indian Creek Elementary replaces an existing building that had endured for decades and instilled pride in many community members.

While sad to see the dated building go, a sense of excitement began to grow around the new elementary building that would better fit the needs of all students and support a variety of teaching methods. The new learning environment is home to students K-5th grade, designed to represent and celebrate the heritages of the diverse student population. The media center at the heart of the building emphasizes the focus on literacy while serving as a gathering hub. Operable walls securely connect the district’s board room to the media center. An amenity not typically found in a primary school, the flexible board room can be used for a variety of functions and spill over into the media center when needed. An outdoor classroom on the second level gives students a birds-eye view, and an outdoor garden with multiple beds is accessible to all, leading to natural learning opportunities everywhere.