On the Boards: New Horizon Ranch

Education from a different angle

New Horizon Ranch is a learning environment like no other. As a therapeutic horseback riding center, it offers equine therapy for students of all ages with physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and learning disabilities. Equine therapy has been shown to unlock areas of the brain that help students with learning and cognitive disabilities with reading and learning, physical disabilities with mobility, and social and emotional with interactions.

Rantoul, Kansas | Opening Fall 2018

The facility currently consists of a barn and an outdoor arena. Without an indoor facility, cancellation rates are at 30%, often due to weather. Routine is critical to students’ schedules, and when cancellations happen, there can be detrimental consequences like sadness, anxiety and discontent. Hollis + Miller Architects began working with the Ranch in 2015 to design an indoor facility so therapies can continue throughout the year.

Hollis + Miller is honored to be working with New Horizon Ranch on a project that hits home with us. We are committed to designing empowering and inspiring learning environments of all kinds. This project is a perfect opportunity for us provide our services to a client who shares our passion for education and service.

We can’t wait to get their new facility open by the time it gets cold outside. In the meantime, check out New Horizon Ranch’s Facebook page for their latest happenings!

“What a dream to be able to continue this part of our daughter’s world during the winter or poor weather times to support her skill growth.”

-Shane and Kimberly Morris

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