Introducing Mario Perez

Mario Perez, Information Technology Director

As we head into the start of a new school year there are many students, teachers and parents who are bursting with excitement to be beginning another year of learning. At Hollis + Miller, we are similarly excited to be evolving and continuously learning. We recently hired a new leadership role who will be instrumental in helping us expand our knowledge base.

Mario Perez recently joined Hollis + Miller as the Information Technology Director. With over 15 years of focused IT and software development experience, Mario is excited to bring his expertise to help take us to the next level. In addition to technical expertise, he also brings a passion for education and is eager to be a contributing member as we design the future together.

When not working or experimenting with new technology trends, Mario enjoys spending time with his family. He also thoroughly enjoys traveling and makes an effort to venture to an international location at least once a year. Exploring new territories inspires him, and he is equally inspired to explore all the opportunities within his new role to help lead Hollis + Miller into progressive new IT territory!


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