Innovation Day

Empowering our team members to chase their ideas

We’ve all had that thought in the middle of our daily grind. It goes something like “Hey! Wouldn’t it be great if…” or “You know? I think it would help everyone out if…” or “I wish I had the time to stop and rethink this…” Well, that’s what Hollis + Miller’s Innovation Day is all about. We know we’ve got some serious innovators in our office, so we shut it down for one day to give everyone the chance to explore those innovative ideas we don’t have time to think about in our day-to-day deadline-driven work.

This year marked the 5th Innovation Day, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. With more than 20 different ideas explored, in teams and individually, no stone was left unturned. We focused our energy on topics that touched conservation, efficiency, coordination, construction and new technology. At the end of the day, we all gather together to share our ideas and findings and have a party to celebrate our progress.

We like to say that Innovation Day is just the starting line, and we never want to finish. Let’s take the momentum from a great day and keep pushing ourselves to Design the Future.

Some of these great ideas even turn into an Innovation Sabbatical. Learn more about how we take one team member out of their day-to-day work for three months to explore one of their potentially industry-changing ideas. 

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