Thought Leadership: Furniture Integration

Holistic Student Experience

Hollis + Miller Architects finds success for the communities we serve by focusing design on students’ hearts and minds. Learning is at its best in a space where the students and staff can customize an experience that is comfortable and engaging, and furniture plays a critical role in creating this experience.

Brain-based learning strategies are just the start of success. They are improved by environments that adapt to ever-evolving and varied approaches to learning and teaching. These spaces need furniture and equipment that respond to flexible learning now and the limitless possibilities of the future. The right furniture package creates spaces that become engaging, dynamic and, ultimately, naturally adapt to a variety of student needs.

Our design team’s first questions during early design are simple but can be easily overlooked:

Who are we designing for? and What activities are going to happen in the space?

Every school, district and even department has different, specific needs. Will the space host large group instruction? Group work? One-on-one learning? Presentations? Or maybe a combination of all of the above? The answer to these questions influences every conversation that follows.

Whether we’re designing for young students or adult life-long learners, furniture integration makes a significant impact. Flexibility is paramount as education evolves at a rapid pace, and furniture can support that nimble approach.

Moveable furniture helps students focus and feel comfortable. Learners have an increased sense of ownership when they can manipulate the furniture pieces to work best for them. Unique and specific considerations drive our furniture integration team to create spaces that cultivate success for both students and teachers.

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