Thought Leadership: Environmental Graphic Design

Crafting the mood of your learning environment

How a student feels in class and the way a teacher feels giving a lesson makes a meaningful impact – not just on that day’s learning, but on that student’s long-term success. The feeling a learning environment evokes isn’t just about the colors, fixtures or furniture. It’s environmental graphic design.

This establishes the mood of a space, engaging with the interior architecture and furniture integration to create a cohesive feeling that nurtures and inspires both students and teachers. The right learning environment creates experiences that connect learners to their environment.

Hollis + Miller’s co-create process is centered around working with educational partners before any design begins in order to establish the vision. Our environmental graphic design team doesn’t just ask them what cool graphics they would like to see on the walls. They start a conversation about what the team envisions is the feeling of the school – the feeling people will have when they walk into the space.

Our team then uses this vision as the foundation for their concepts, which mold the mood of the environment through the integration of the color palette and graphics, both 2D and 3D.  This means that no two environmental graphic design solutions are the same. Each is tailor made to the community it will serve.

In every project, our environmental graphic designers look for opportunities to design graphic elements that are teaching tools, in addition to creating the mood. It could be an interactive mural that illustrates the community’s historical significance, a 3-D light-up map of the United States that can be used for geography lessons, a maker wall for students to get creative or a larger-than-life mascot that gets everyone excited about school spirit. The possibilities are endless; it’s really about uncovering the right solution for an environment where learning can thrive.

“To us it is about connecting learners to the space they work in every day. We seek to inspire, motivate and encourage learners through our spaces.”

– Jill Claterbos-Clay, Creative Director

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