Just Add Coffee

The formula for a standard architect was spelled out for me by a close friend the other day: Black clothing + round glasses + ankle boots + coffee in hand.

Celebrating Colorado’s First Military Academy

It’s always a joy to experience the ribbon cutting for the opening of a new facility.

Uniting the Community

Working with the Kansas City Diocese, Hollis + Miller broke ground summer of 2014 on a new high school called St. Michael the Archangel.

Learn More About Brett Prather

Serving as Client Leader in our Colorado office, Brett came to Hollis + Miller with a broad range of experience; mostly learned while owning his own firm for 22 years.

Hollis + Miller Named AIA KC 2017 Firm of the Year

Hollis + Miller Architects was honored to be named 2017 Firm of the Year by the Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects at the organization’s annual holiday event in December.

Our Space

We know, through our work with learning environments, that the spaces we occupy play a significant role in how we grow.

Learn More About David Hackney

David makes it clear, his first and foremost mindset is to ensure stability and safety in each learning environment.

The Power of Good Design

As the words of Simon Sinek suggest, understanding the essence of WHY individuals or organizations do what they do is the most important element.

Get To Know Shelli Ulmer

Shelli’s passion as a Client Leader in our Higher Education Studio is to create living and learning environments that transform the college experience.



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