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At Hollis + Miller, we believe our most valuable quality is our people. They are who we are. Always driving improvement, discovering new ideas and applications to continually improve our creative process. They are the creative brain of our efforts and the heart of our culture

To support the professional growth of our team an initiative we call DesignU began.

To support the professional growth of our team an initiative we call DesignU began.

DesignU is our own professional development program. It operates with a fundamental belief that if we grow the individual, we will grow the firm. The program provides a variety of internal educational opportunities designed around (4) educational pillars: Cultural Evolution, Individual Development, Business Insight and Leadership.

Just as we design learning environments, we satisfy the different learning styles of all our people. We host thought leaders, tour sites, participate in TedTalks and online presentations and perform real-life simulations. A recent initiative involved experts from Horizon Academy who helped us experience the world of students who navigate learning disabilities. A better understanding comes from experience and leads to design and support for students to learn in creative ways.

DesignU is an opportunity for professional fulfillment for our employees and future learning environments for our communities.

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