Innovation Day

This year marked Hollis + Miller's 5th Innovation Day! With more than 20 different ideas explored, in teams and individually, no stone was left unturned.

Unveiling Learnscape®

Students, faculty, administrators, Board of Education and the community members gathered this month to officially cut the ribbon on this year’s Learnscape at Shawnee Mission School District’s [...]

Building Learnscape

Armed with generators, power saws, 27.1 tons of rock and, of course, gallons and gallons of water, our entire team shut down the office for two days and pulled on their gloves and got to moving [...]

Designing Learnscape

Our interns aren’t out on coffee runs. They’re busy designing and planning the construction of an outdoor learning environment for Sunflower Elementary School!

Corporate Challenge June Update

Our Hollis + Miller family is sad to see another Kansas City Corporate Challenge season come to an end. We’re not too worried about our final standings or the number of medals won. It’s been a [...]

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