Learn More About Juliane Lewis

Juliane chose to be an interior designer because she says it’s a perfect mesh of problem solving, creativity, and most importantly, connecting with people. Ten years later, she’s still loving [...]

Unveiling Learnscape

Students, faculty, administrators, Board of Education and the community members gathered this month to officially cut the ribbon on this year’s Learnscape at Shawnee Mission School District’s [...]

Up You Go

You know what’s great about working where I do? You can go up to the roof and look out-- in any direction-- and all around you are unique, thriving neighborhoods. Power and Light, The Crossroads, [...]

Building Learnscape

Armed with generators, power saws, 27.1 tons of rock and, of course, gallons and gallons of water, our entire team shut down the office for two days and pulled on their gloves and got to moving [...]

Designing Learnscape

Our interns aren’t out on coffee runs. They’re busy designing and planning the construction of an outdoor learning environment for Sunflower Elementary School!

Our Spring Interns

As the end of Spring quickly approaches, it’s time for us to say good bye to our Spring interns. A bittersweet time for all of us. We’re so excited to see them continue their journeys as [...]

Our Space

We know, through our work with learning environments, that the spaces we occupy play a significant role in how we grow.

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