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Athletics Facility Analysis

The fans may be ready for sports, but are your facilities ready for fans?

The pandemic has forced colleges and universities to evaluate how to safely bring fans back to sporting events, while still preserving the experience that sets your program apart.

While changes are inevitable during these uncertain times, we’re here to serve as a partner and total facility resource to your organization as we navigate what’s next. Hollis + Miller has 70 years of experience in providing research-based solutions for educational and athletic facilities, and can provide a consultation to help you address key areas of your athletics facility.

Capacity Analysis

How many fans can your facility safely support? What are the revenue implications to capacity changes?

Circulation Flow

Can spectators and players move comfortably and safely through the venue?

Fan Amenities

How can food service and restrooms encourage health and safety for fans?

Fan Experience

How can you enhance the spectator experience beyond traditional seating (especially if capacity is reduced)?


What are peer schools doing and what’s working well? What’s not?

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