We design the building three times.
First in words, second in drawings, third in bricks and mortar.


We design the building three times.First in words, second in drawings, third in bricks and mortar.


What that means to you is our co-creation process empowers communities to take more ownership of the design process. This establishes a design that inspires, creates consensus and meets the specific goals of the community.

Together, we are about to embark on this seemingly overwhelming journey of taking ideas and turning them into a building that is going to serve thousands of students throughout the course of its life. So, it is important that you have a trusted architecture partner with a proven process. It is essential for your short- and long-term results.

Designing for Brain-Based Learning

What sets us apart is our ability to connect with educators to create a deep correlation to curriculum and instructional delivery methods. We believe so strongly in the importance of an integration of space and learning that we’ve dedicated a portion of our team to being a research-based resource for our clients as we work to create dynamic, interactive learning environments. This provides the unique opportunity to discuss scheduling concepts, curriculum delivery opportunities, and ideas on innovation and collaboration with facilitators and ensures that those concepts are deeply rooted in the designs that are created within our studios.

Education is transforming before our very eyes, and flexibility and adaptability will be paramount in creating environments that can support an ever-evolving approach to creating future-ready learners. We work with a research-based mindset, striving to know more about how the brain develops and operates and how learners respond to the context of space, curriculum, and fellow students. As we co-create space for learning, we’re focused on the whole person, allowing for consideration of important factors such as social and emotional support, a strong learning culture, and shifting generational needs.

Proven Process

The strength of Hollis + Miller’s process is that it provides many excellent opportunities to incorporate input, build support, and gain trust from everyone on the team. We’re confident that if you have trust in the process, we will come out of the journey with not only great consensus, but with a lot of stakeholder excitement and buy-in.