Hollis+Miller Architects


Pre-K-12 Education: Education by Design

Hollis + Miller Architects has been a leader in K-12 school planning and design since 1950. Our spaces support dynamic, technology-rich learning activities and contribute to student achievement and teacher curriculums. Hollis + Miller's Master Planning process keeps districts on course and enables them to secure the educational facilities they need. The process features seven unique phases that provide many excellent opportunities to incorporate community and staff involvement and support. 

Higher Education: Enhancing Student Life

Our goal is to improve colleges and universities, while preserving the history and respecting the campus environment. Higher education is facing increasing competitive demands from students, governing bodies, employees and others to improve programs and customer service. As a result, we strive to offer both architectural and business solutions for our clients. 

Municipal: Connecting Civic Pride to Communities, their Heritage, and Contexts

Government and municipal projects are unique because multiple group have a stake in the final product. We strive for solutions that satisfy all stakeholders. Our goal is to design safe and attractive community-friendly buildings that accommodate a variety of activities. We understand the technical and administrative operations that help dictate the building design. Our approach involves all stakeholders and promotes "buy-in" to recommendations and implementation plans. We help to build community consensus for the need and importance of the project.

Commercial: Open the Doors and Succeed by Connecting with People.

Private or public developers want quick response, cost control measures, solid project management and personal service. We program all of these benefits into our projects by providing architectural products that are exact, practical, function, cost-effective, schedule-sensitive and visually attractive. From single office renovations and interior design to master development planning, Hollis + Miller has the experience you can trust.